Virtual Startup Incubation Programmes

The virtual startup incubation programme at Kolkata Ventures has helped launch 200+ startups from zero –> revenue and 300+ startups from growth –> scaleup. Some raised venture capital and angel investments while others have grown with customer’s money.

Idea Stage Incubation

Ideation level incubation is for individuals who are either about to start or have just started working on their business. The goal of Ideation Level Incubation is to take you from the stage of ideation to the stage of consistently generating revenue by having a stable, scalable and a robust business model.

Programme Details:

    • Duration: 3 months
    • Registration fees: Rs. 6500 (to be paid only upon selection)
    • Equity: 0 to 5% (to be mutually decided)

Growth Stage Incubation

Growth incubation is for startups who are consistently generating revenue and are looking to restructure their business model to eliminate bottle-necks and grow their revenues. The goal is to restructure the core business model to help you increase your sales volumes and profitability.

Programme Details:

    • Duration: 4 months
    • Registration fees: Rs. 14000 (to be paid only upon selection)
    • Equity: 0 to 5% (to be mutually decided)

Startup To Scaleup

Scale up incubation is for startups who have a clearly defined business model, are consistently generating revenue and are looking to expand into new markets. The goal of Scaling up incubation is to facilitate this process of expansion through access to investment, expert mentorship and specific resources.

Programme Details:

    • Duration: 5 months
    • Registration fees: Rs. 30000 (to be paid only upon selection)
    • Equity: 0 to 5% (to be mutually decided)

Make Your Startup Investor Ready

Investors are looking for capable entrepreneurs with solid business models to grow their money. We help you do exactly that. We guide you with your pitch deck, business model optimization, go-to-market strategy and other aspects to make your startup investor-ready.

Programme Details:

  • Duration: 2 months (can vary based on your speed & need)
  • Registration fees: Rs. 32000 + GST (to be paid only upon selection)
  • Equity: 0 to 5% (to be mutually decided)

Startup Mentors From India, US & Hong Kong

Avelo Roy

Avelo Roy

A tech entrepreneur & investor having built 8 startups & 3 exits in fields of consumer electronics, artificial Intelligence systems, healthcare process automation, food science, wireless communications, wearable technology and graphical password applications. Featured on CNN Money, ABC7, Chicago Tribune, Entrepreneur Magazine, Times of India, Economic Times and many more.

Startup Mentor kolkata Ventures

Neeraj Krishna G

B. Tech & M. Tech from IIT Kharagpur, MBA from ISB Hyderabad with multiple patents in cutting edge technologies, Neeraj started early as a college entrepreneur. Built products and services for clients like Siemens, Total Oil & Gas, AIWA and other global giants.

David Pistrui Startup Mentor

Dr. David Pistrui

Dr. Pistrui is a double PhD holder in Entrepreneurship and Sociology. He teaches entrepreneurship in US universities, MD of the Wharton Enterprising Families Initiative, in the Wharton School of Business and the advisor of the Government of Bahrain and Austria. He has been featured on CNN, INC. Magazine, Entrepreneur, Los Angeles Business Journal and other news media.

Nik Rokop

Nik Rokop

He has more than 30 years of successful entrepreneurial experience in engineering, manufacturing, sales, marketing and international operations. Nik leads entrepreneurship development at the Illinois Institute of Technology, Chicago, USA.

Gary Dollinger

A serial CTO with 20 years of experience building and managing high availability/scalability applications in various industries. Currently working with the world’s largest Private Equity firms to help identify technology acquisition up to $40B in valuation.

Rajiv Ghosh

Rajiv Ghosh is the CEO of Selvel, East India’s largest outdoor advertising company with billboards in 44 different cities all over india. Rajiv is a mogul in the advertising space and being a CEO of a large company, he is an expert in sales, marketing, operations and finance.

Leon Leong

He has been the CEO of a 40,000 people design and manufacturing company is China and Hong Kong for the last 20 years. He is an expert at hardware development, pre-production runs, product sourcing, manufacturing and QA. Further, he has direct access to Chinese Venture Capitalists.

Sarbajit Sundew Solutions

Sarbajit Das

A self-made Kolkata entrepreneur expert in product design and development, especially UI/UX. He has offices in 3 continents and clients all over the world adding to his award-winning software development business.

Naveen Kejriwal

Naveen Kejriwal

A veteran sales professional leading the sales expansion on Lenovo in East India as well running his quick service restaurant. A practical entrepreneur on the side with strong jugaad mentality who has helped many food startups.

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